What is a Gasser?

Starting on one sideline of a football field an athlete will sprint across the field to the opposite sideline, turn and sprint back to the sideline, plant and sprint to the sideline, plant and sprint back to the sideline. Sideline to sideline is 53 yards or 48 meters. 1 full gasser will constitute four trips sideline to sideline for a total of 212 yards or 193 meters.

What is a 1/2 Gasser?

Starting on the sideline the player will run down to the opposite sideline, plant and sprint back to the sideline. This will constitute 2 trips sideline to sideline or 106 yards or 96 meters.

What is a 1/4 Gasser?

Starting on a sideline a player will run to the opposite sideline. This will constitute one trip or 53 yards or 48 meters.

Pull Ups vs Chin Ups?

A chin up is done with a supine grip (palms facing up), while the pull up is done with a prone grip (palms facing down). We use different grips depending on what the training calls for, since the two movements use the arm and upper-body muscles differently.

What movements are in Olympic Weightlifting?

Olympic weightlifting consists of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

What movements are considered the barbell lifts?

Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press, Barbell Row and several more.

What is a Thruster?

A Thruster is a front squat to overhead press. Watch video.

What is a Shuttle Drill?

From a standing start, the athlete will run 10 yards, turn and plant, run back 20 yards, turn and plant, and sprint back through the line he started from. The drill is a total of 40 yards.

Will I have to bench press?

Yes. The bench press is a functional movement in football for every position.

What is a Tabata and where did the name come from?

The term “Tabata” comes from the name of a Japanese researcher, Izumi Tabata, PhD., who discovered an interesting way to increase both anaerobic and aerobic pathways at the same time. It’s one of those strange training programs that seems to fit across disciplines: it works for football players, sprinters, Olympic lifters and anybody looking to get crushed by a workout.

1) For twenty seconds, do as many repetitions of the specified exercise as possible.

2) Rest for ten seconds

3) Repeat seven more times.

Kipping pull ups versus strict pull ups?

Kipping pull ups allow more work to be done in less time. This increaes the power output and is important when doing workouts for time. If the goal is use pull ups as metabolic conditioning — faster and with greater intensity — a kipping pull up allows this to happen. The hip motion of a kipping pullup mimicks the explosion found in Olympic weightlifting, tacking an opponent or delivering a blow as an offensive/defensive lineman. It also works as a posterior-chain developer.

The WODs will call for both kipping pull ups and strict pull ups from time to time. When a pull up is listed in a WOD it is assumed that kipping pull ups will be used. If a strict pull up is needed in a WOD it will be specifically asked for.

When the program calls for “3×5” what does this mean?

When you see “3×5” this means to do 3 sets of 5 repetitions at the same weight for all 3 sets. This is after a proper warm up building up to this weight.

What does it mean when the program calls for “5, 5, 5, 5, 5”?

That means you do 5 repetitions of each movement, adding weight to every set till you get to a maximal set of 5 repetitions. Yes, you add weight to every set in the hopes of reaching maximal effort.

What does a 5 RM mean?

RM means Repetition Max. This is the heaviest an individual can do for 5 repetitions, without exhausting yourself before hand. Warm up however you need to, and perform the heaviest set of 5 reps you can.

What is a PR?

A PR is a Personal Best. This is your single best lift.

What is a Bear Crawl?

Start with your hands and feet on the ground and proceed to crawl on all fours the required distance.

What is a Rack Jerk?

A Push Jerk with the bar starting on your back. Starting in the same starting position as the squat.

What is a Rack Thruster?

Starting with the bar on your back and perform a Squat. While coming up from below parallel drive the bar off your back into a locked out position overhead. It is a combination of a Squat and Rack Jerk.

What is a Press?

A Press happens when a lifter is standing up right and he presses the weight overhead to lockout using his shoulders and arms. The legs must be locked and no hip movement is allowed.

What are Toe To Bar?

While hanging from a pull up bar, pull your legs up till your toes touch the bar.

What is a Burpee?

Start standing up right, squat down and place your hands shoulder width apart. Jump your feet back into a push up position. Perform a push up. Jump your feet back into a squated positon, jump up into the air and clap your hands above your head.

What are Burpee Box Jumps?

Perform a Burpee. Instead of finishing the burpee with a jump and clap in the air, jump up and land on a box.

What is a Burpee Pull Up?

Perform a Burpee. At the finish of the Burpee jump up into a pull up.

What is a Ball Slam?

Start with a weighted ball between your legs, squat down and lift ball above your head and slam it down to the ground as hard as you can getting full extension of the hips. Try to catch the ball on its first bounce and repeat.

How do I perform a Weighted Step Up?

Place bar on your back, step up on box that is tall enough when you place your foot on the box, the top of your thigh is at 90 degrees. Step up on the box so both feet are on the box then step down. Try to keep your chest up right, do not allow your torso to fall, keep a good up right position.

What does Supine mean?

The supine position is a position of the body; lying down with the face up.

How do I perform a Supine Ring Pull Up?

To perform Sup Ring Pull Ups, set the rings so your back is off the ground, place heels on a box and pull your chest to your hands.

What is a True Push Up?

True Push Ups are done with both hands and feet balancing on parallets, make sure you get your chest below parallel.

How do I perform a ring pull up?

Perform a pull up using a set of rings instead of a fixed bar. Make sure to pull your chest to your hands.

How do I perform a Plyo Push Up?

Perform a Plyo Push up by placing one hand on a 45 lbs plate and the other hand on the floor, perform an explosive push up that allows you to transition the hand on the floor to the hand on the plate. And repeat.

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